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Vesipro supplies an innovative Resin Free Cable Hang-off solution that has been successfully delivered to leading wind farm developers across multiple projects. Resin free hang-off (RFHO) removes any reliance on using marine grade resins to maintain an air tight seal. Kintech Energy Limited have developed a new generation of Subsea Cable Hang-offs completely free of harmful resins.


The resin free hang-off (RFHO) has been developed to eliminate the challenges faced by Installation Contractors when installing resin type hang-offs. Removing the resin not only reduces the installation time but also removes any complications associated with the storage, transport, mixing and application of the resins, as well as removing any consequence of spillage and leakage.

Resin Free Hang Off RFHO


  • Has been specifically designed and developed to remove any reliance on using marine grade resins to maintain an air tight seal.

  • Can be designed to fit a range of interfacing flange sizes in a mono-pile or jacket type foundation as well as Substation J-tubes.

  • Has passed a stringent test program for pressure withstand and tensile capabilities.

  • Addresses important HSE issues by removing the resin.

  • Reduces installation time and provides a hang-off which can be easily removed and re-used, providing flexibility during installation should the need arise to remove the hang-off.

  • Eliminates future disposal problems associated with resin type hang-offs.

  • Metal parts (with the exception of the temporary clamp) are galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and can be reused.

  • Parts (including the gaskets) can be assembled around the pulled-in cable eliminating the requirement to attend the tower prior to cable installation to install hang-off parts. This reduces the number of visits required by tower teams during cable installation.

  • Includes two earth bonding points to connect the metallic RFHO with the local earthing system.

  • Features a unique design incorporating flanges and gaskets in combination with an upper sealing system to provide a pressure resistant seal across the air tight platform.

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